Thursday, May 13, 2010


Happy Mother's Day to mommy out there.
Please appreciate your mommy as she the one who always care for you,
always worry for you, always love you, always miss you, always make you happy,
always there for you and never ever ever leave you alone..

To my mommy,

Thanks because..

Delivered me on 29th August 1990..
Give me loads of love..
Console me when I was crying..
You give me education even I hate go to school..
Buy everything I wanted..
Bring me to shopping, sight-seeing too..
Choose me as your friend instead of my brothers..
Washed clothes..
You always "membebel" (blaa blaa blaa) at me..
Encourage me to succeed..
Allowed me to sleep with you and daddy..
Give me chance to kiss you..
Give me chance to hug you..
We always had a fight..
You always "rotan" me when I was wrong..
Taught me how to live a life..
You made me smile..
You made me laugh..
You shared with me some knowledge you have..

Without you,

I cant see this nice world..
I feel that I'm suck..
I feel lonely..
I'm not a man now..

All that I can say,
I Love You So Much, you'll never be replaced..
I will always miss you..
ps : Tengok mak, anak mak dah besar sekarang.. Dah boleh berdikari.. hee~

To my 2nd mommy,

Thanks too because..

Care to me..
Always hear my problems..
Give me B-Complex..
Take me to "jalan2"..
Buy me presents..
Encourage me to succeed..
Give me some advice..

Even you're not the same as my mommy,
You're my daddy's wife..
I will always support my daddy..
I Love You too..
I'm so sorry what ever I have done to you..


RuNNi said...

this somehow has a sape yg makan cili terasa la pedasnye' effect.... Hahaha

lynamalina said...

huh? apew mksdnyew khai? bahaha..


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