Monday, August 30, 2010


Mr busy has starting his class.. Of course he will busy after this.. No more ym-ing.. No more skype-ing.. No more wc.. The day of tomorrow class starts as usual.. wed, thurs, fri, Saturday.. Back homeeeeeeee!! Shah Alam.. (sigh) Not interesting anymore.. =.=" 

Planning of the week : 

Tuesday : Going back Penang. Shopping for Raya and Engagement Ceremony. Theme color is peach. Remember !
Wednesday : Break fast with one of my friends.
Thursday : Break fast with my classmates. KFC ?
Friday : Of course spending some times with my housemates.
Saturday : Going back to my hometown. Balik kampung ohhhh balik kampung..

Of course lah there's no time for revision. Damn! Hydraulics and Structural Analysis! Lecturers will give loads of homework. I hate homework.. Mr busy know how much is my laziness towards homework.. I don't want to date with books this week. (fullstop)

ps : cant' wait to have konvoi with muarianz.. Hope tonight I will not donating my blood to mosquito anymore.. urgh !


Anonymous said...

letihnye..byk keje kene wat..hope u fine there..miss u..

lynamalina said...

miss u too mr anonymous.. hehe..

chentamiera said... anonymous tu, budak tuuuttt ye amal??hihi

lynamalina said...

mira : hahahahaha.. abesh? xkan laa laki mane aku men ckp i miss u plak kan.. my sayang laa.. hihi..

Anonymous said...

mane syg saya nie..

lynamalina said...

mr anonymous : :(((((( missing u..


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