Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Suddenly, i miss youuu. We don't have time to have a long conversation. I'm stuck missing you over here. Where are you? Last time was a short conversation plus a long web-cam which I was alone alive seeing you sleeping. Hehe.. Where's my entertainer? My clown. Sorry, haha..

Penat lah camnie..

Why take so long to see me?

Boleh x call sy nanti on? Ini perlu! :(


Anonymous said...

sowe..bz sngt week nie..ade kuiz test hmwork..mcm2 subject bagi..penin pale~

lynalike said...

huk3.. smp ati.. jaat.. penat tngu..

lynalike said...

dah adew test ke??

Anonymous said...

aah..test cal 3..homwork dye kasi menimbun..taw la dye x raya..adehh~

lynalike said...



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