Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thanks God

Okey, thanks God because I was not jelous.. Thanks God for the positive thinking.. Thanks God I know what I know and I trust what I trust..

And one thing I would like to know, how on earth did she know your skype? Don't tell me that you give to her okey? Whatever.. I want to know nothing about her.. Pegi Mati!! Adew aku kesah?

I really miss lepak-ing in ABC with Apat and the geng with budak-rumah-lame and out-ing with Ayie and the geng too ;) But Qila said, "awak tu perempuan.." HAHA okey.. I know laa.. As long as I can take care of myself it's okey laa.. Wait until final, I think I will always lepak-ing with them because I think there are so many gap between the subjects which make me tension waiting.. Thanks guys for always hear what I want to say..

For Mira and the geng too.. Thanks selalu terime kutukan aku terhadap korang.. Jangan amek hati okey.. I love you.. Sabar jewp banyak banyak ngan aku nie kan.. Gurau gurau.. Aku tawu korang suke.. Kite sume en open.. Go go HOT CHICK.. (geli boleh?)

Thanks God for giving them to me =)


cik maisarah said...

mane aq?? :( huhuhu

lynalike said...

ko watak sampingan jewp.. jangan nak pasan.. HAHAHAHA.. ko nan as slalu adew dlm ati aku.. jgn risoo.. (ayat nak berbunge) hahaha

chentamiera said... u too ;)

lynalike said...

hehe.. malu taw ;)


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