Thursday, September 16, 2010


2weeks spending days at home without thinking what time to wake up tomorrow and how to go to class.. To face quizzes, tests and homework.. Even I will not do any homework if I don't want to.. Duhhh pleaseeeee.. Yes, I was studying at home.. But just 2 subjects.. Highway, Structural Analysis.. And haven't finish taking off assignment yet.. 3days earlier than other UiTM students.. I feel sucks..  Tomorrow I'm gonna go back to my Penang Tercinta.. Urgh boringg.. Have to finish taking off without sleeping.. But I know I will sleep no matter how because sleeping is my hobby.. Only 2months to go to finish this semester.. Then I can eat, rest, sleep.. 

Alah, another one semester Amalina.. Starting January, February, March, April, May.. Then, you'll not going to Penang anymore.. Next semester there's Graduation Night.. Wondering what to wear.. But to attend it, you have to go through this semester.. (nak makan banyak3) All Out, Bhasyhahhhhh!! Hehe..


srikandi mie said...

balik penang esok,..??

i was wondering why u take that decision,..

nape tak balik sabtu or ahad,..?

lynalike said...

sayang penang kan.. hehehe..

first of all, kununnyew laa nak siapkan projek..

secondly, there was no ticket left for sunday and saturday. ishhhh!!

the strong reason is num 2.. hehe..

ryusaki said...

ahaha..i am ALREADY in png beb!alone..hukhuk;'<

lynalike said...

hahaha.. knp alek awal? lg hebatt..

srikandi mie said...

hehe,..uitm di hatiku lah katekan,..;p heppy raya sis,..;)

lynalike said...

di hatiku lah sangat.. xsabar nak abeshkan dip!!

Anonymous said...

i <3 u

lynalike said...

i <3 u too..


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