Monday, November 8, 2010

my routine

Starting from morning . Erk . Ade morning ke ? Hik hik . Wake up at 12, usually . One massage asks for lunch is a must . Don't ever ever skip lunch, dinner . Breakfast ? Nevermind . Brunch lah . Hee ~ 

After Zohor, starts a day with doing past year papers . Target, finish them by one day . About 3 to 4 past year . Hebat kan ? Just do which one I know only .

After Asar, sleep tightly until magrib . HAHA .

Night ? Dinner "nasi bungkus" they buy for me or maybe dinner outside . Continue past year or maybe study for MUET . Fuhhhh exhausted kot ! Currently, love nasi kerabu . Nyum nyum . Marry with orang kelantan lah senang .

Midnight, eat and eat again . Addicted to teh buatan sendirik jewp . Rest for a while with Plant & Zombie ? Erkk . And search for a movie . Midnight movie . Baru nak tengok Mr and Mrs Smith . Gile comel dorang .

At 3 to 4, sleeeeeeeeppppppppppppppp .

Love final exam's week <3<3<3


Anonymous said...

tdo awal la tiap2 ap habit pas asar tdo nie??leh jadi gler taw..eee

lynalike said...

awal ke?? bialaa.. busan laa asek study jewpp..

Anonymous said...

u..mane lagu gedix2 2??

lynalike said...

buang dah.. hurm..

Anonymous said...

la nape???

lynalike said...

ntah.. xpyh laa..


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