Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 04

A habit that you wish you didn't have.

Over sleep. Hehe~

I really love to sleep. Recently, I sleep earlier and wake up around 9. Urgh ! I want to wake up at 7. If I am tired or sick, I will sleep. If I had a chance to sleep after class like late afternoon, I'll sleep. After lunch time, there was a gap between 2 classes I will sleep at Surau. To me, sleep is more important than any other things. Because tomorrow class, I cannot focus. I have way to release tension which is SLEEP. After I had done doing past year exam, in the late afternoon I'll take my bear bear and sleep. Anywhere, anytime with bear bear. Hehe. If I can design my house, I will put bed in living room. Bed which can change to couch. HAHA. And I wish I didn't have this habit. I have lots things to do. How to eliminate this habit ? And I did this for my study. Do u know why ? Because of tired, I need to rest which is sleep. If I didn't sleep in a day, I can't stay up study until late night. So, I did for future sake. Huhhh.



i love SLEEP.
nice statement.

lynalike said...

haha. tp xley kalahkan kau!


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