Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 21

A picture of something that makes you happy.

Of course these two bear bear. The prove is I always bring them to where ever I go. Especially the big one. Mid term break last semester had a week or two I guess, I still brought them. That time we were car-pooled with Miss Intan to Shah Alam. She babbled at me because I brought bear bear everywhere. My so-important-thingy lah, Miss. Hehe.

These bear bear remind me of someone. If I miss that person, I'll talk to the brown bear bear. HAHA. Their names are secret for safety measure. Only closer friends know. 

ps : If I don't have a pillow, I'll use the brown one for my pillow. Sorry bear bear and to you too :D


miss asnida hani said...

hahhahahahahahhahahahahahha!! cacat!!:P

weyh.. ade mende nak citer.. buzz aku kalau da bangun..:P pasal apoi.

lynalike said...

apesal plak cacat?? pang kangg!! hahahaha. dah bgn.

Anonymous said...

patot la beliau berbau bacen je..hahaha

lynalike said...

hahaha. penah bau ke bear bear ni?

Anonymous said...

xnk bau sbb takot terpengsan nnti..haha

lynalike said...

hoiii!! penah kot. siap peluk2 lagi kan?


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