Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 30

Who are you?

Who am I ? I'm spiderman. Pfft. 

Yeah, as you all know I am Amalina Ishak. I am selangorian, mixed of kerinchi and minang. No jawa. No jawa jawa ketot ea. Hahaha. I can speak Minang but not Kerinchi. Frankly, I am a city girl. Ahhh, I am not really like to be with it. I wanted to have other experience too. 

I am not a good person as your first impression. I know you said I am arrogant or what. I am so sorry because I can't be your good friend instead. But, I try to change. 

I love adventurous activities such as hiking and camping. Sigh. I have no idea because I am thinking about my daddy's birthday. We forgot to wish. Pfft again. Haha.

Happy Belated 56th Birthday Beloved Daddy or
Happy 56th Belated Birthday Beloved Daddy ? ;)

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