Monday, December 20, 2010

Longman book

Describe a part of the world you would like to visit.

Rotating Dubai in Day

Rotating Dubai in Night

The world's tallest building



Field ( gile boleh mati kot ? )

Inside Rotating Dubai

I would like to visit Dubai. I found out this place in earlier of my current study in subject called Introduction to Civil Engineering. Dubai is one of the modern country of United Arab Emirates. I am proud to be Islam since Dubai is Islam country. Have you ever heard Rotating Dubai ? I can't differentiate between Burj Dubai and Rotating Dubai ? Are they the same ? I think they are the same. 

First of all since I don't know the different I introduce you about Burj Dubai or Dubai Tower. It is the tallest skyscraper in the world. Its height is more than 2000ft. It has feature of the world's fastest elevator. 

Secondly, if we talked about Rotating Dubai. It is the world's first rotating building (Dynamic Tower). Rotating Dubai can spin full 360 degree. It is voice command. Moreover, it has 79 giant power generating wind turbines in each floor. It is green tower building because it generates electricity itself. Also, it has photovoltaic cells on roof of each apartment. Rotating Dubai has 6 stars hotel, apartments, offices and 5 villas. In villas has a parking on the same floor which can brought up and down in special elevators. In roof "penthouse" villa have a swimming pool, garden and an Arabian majlis. It also consist of retractable heliport - a platform that will extend from the shell of the building at 64th floor at the moment landing. 

I would like to visit this Rotating Dubai. Not just have a visit. I wanted to buy a villa here. A penthouse villa. It is so modern. It may be costly right ? Whatever. It just my dream. I really love to see modern building. The art of the building. 

And someday, I wanted to work here. I wanted to spend my young days in Dubai. So many immigrants work here. You can earn a lot of money here. Especially if you are taking part in Dubai's development. Later, I can modernize Malaysia. Maybe.

Do you think you will visit this part of the world someday ?
Yes, InsyaAllah.

Have you travelled abroad very much ?
Once only. When I was kids.

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