Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm happy with my life.. And more organize now..
Don't you try to ruin my life! Grrr..
Suppose to be, I got one present for myself..
Thanks ya Allah :)

xde facebook ni bagus jugak kan..
memang bagus sangat kot..
xde lah aku asyek nak bukak jewp..
asek nak addicted jewp..
bukan ade ape pon kat facebook tu..
setakat nak stalk orang..
heh!! buat saket hati aku jewp..
tapi lepas pegi pangkor,
nak activated balik
nak gambar.. hee~

ignore is a bliss proven !
sometimes, when you are too caring to people
means you are hurting yourself.
so, ignore it until they tell us by themselves
do i care about you anymore ?
no, not anymore

heartless in progress ;)
live life to the fullest my dearest friends

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