Friday, March 26, 2010

he should know these.

we really mean it..

1.We like it when you say we're beautiful or pretty, NOT hot or sexy! We're not whores (usually).
2.We like you to be specific in your compliment
3.We like it when guys are willing to have an actual relationship, not just a one-night stand. Most girls don't like pimps or players, just guys who like ONE girl only.
4.Please put your ego aside in important situations. We love it when you stand up for us, but not when you stand up against us your in trouble..
5.Call sometimes, just to say hi, not for a certain reason. When we see your number on caller ID, our heart always skips a beat.
6.If we're PMSing, listen to whatever we have to say and agree, no matter what. Don't give advice, just give chocolate.
7.Don't talk about the way other girls look doesn't matter if they have bigger boobs or nicer ass's we will feel unwanted.
9.Don't ONLY tell us what we want to hear. We HATE that.
10.At sleepovers, if you wonder what we talk about, quit worrying. It really is only you.
11.If you're ever unsure about something, just go for it. Trust us, we'll let you know if you made a mistake.
12.If you like us, ask us out!!!! We hate waiting. HATE IT.
13.Don't go to our friends to talk about us. Come straight to us.
14.Don't be a player. We hate that.
15.Don't tell us you love us unless you are positive you mean it.
16.WE LOVE WHEN YOU SMELL GOOD! Wear cologne! (but not too much!!!!! We don't want to choke on your smell when you pass us in the hallway!)
17.We like it when you're tender, but don't lose your masculinity.
18.Do chivalrous things when we least expect it (ex. holding doors for us)
19.We like to see you get hurt. If you get hurt, don't feel afraid to show that your in pain. and its okay to cry your not gay it mean you care about us or your showing your feelings It's kind of cute (in moderation).
20.Be our knight in shining armor. Treat us like a princess, but be the decision maker in the relationship.
21.We LOVE it when you get nervous around us. It's adorable! Don't think you have to be Mr. Cool Guy all the time.
22.If you don't call us, then we will spend hours thinking about why you never called, and we will waste a lot of time thinking about it, eventually coming to the conclusion that we don't like you anymore.
23.We lose interest quickly if you lead us on but never take action.
24.We might seem to flirt a lot, but a girl always thinks about the one guy she really likes right before she falls asleep.
25.When a girl likes a guy, she subconsciously gives him a song that makes her think of him every time she hears it.
26.If guys do the same as girls do in as above statement, tell what song reminds you of her.
27.Ask us about how we're doing once in a while, and at least pretend to be interested.
28.If we're upset and we're crying, just be there and let us know you're there.
29.If we're not talking to you, we secretly want you to talk to us first.
30.Always IM us first. We don't want to IM you first, and if we have to, we will automatically think that you don't like us, wonder why you didn't IM us, and feel desperate.
31.We get really happy when you show any sign of interest. Don't just do it and then never do it again.
32.Keep up the conversation on IM and phones and in person! Don't be awkward.
33.We will always feel bad if we don't like you back. Not all girls are bitches, no matter what you may think. We hate to reject you.
^^^^ok, so some girls are bitches and they like rejecting boys, but the people who wrote this group are not. better?
34.Girls love it when relationships are old fashioned and romantic.
35.If a girl blushes when you talk to her, she either likes you or she's embarassed by what you're saying.

p/s : am not saying this is how to flirt me ya apat and syah.wekk :PP
pinjam taw as

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