Monday, May 17, 2010

Currently addicted with Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern oke.
And the feeling of......... missing something come again. Its oke.
We are in the same boat Ayie.
We have to do something new.
New and enjoy. Of course.
Just forget about ungrateful-person maybe
They just dont know how's our feeling.
One fine day, they'll know.
Macam orang BODOH oke.
To please them, always~

Let's do something that we want to do.
Not now, just wait..
I want to fill my last year in Penang.
With something.........
That I can remember until the day I miss Penang.
That make me laugh my heart loud.
Ha ha ha. Yes, I want to be freeeeeeeee~
Because when we have children one day,
Can I do something like this too? With baby on my lap?
Hell no.. I want to take care of my lovely family.

And I am jealous with her past-days.
Because my past-days is SUCK.
I want that compliment too.
I need to make my family proud..
My sahabat, my besties, my friends..
My admirer too. And and..
My teachers!!


a r e s said...

demmm u speaks girl!! haha!! yeah!! this is the emel yg tegas i wanted!! hahaha!! aftr finish reading it, do giv it to me :)

lynamalina said...

hahahaha.. bkn betol sgt pon grammar.. oke. i give it 4.5/5 i think..

moonii.bee said...

nk bacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

lynamalina said...

auni.. i'll bring it to penang.. dont worry.. besh taw.. i bought thanks for the memories too.. but i dont know.. not bad la.. but, not interesting as the previous one..


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