Thursday, May 20, 2010


I miss my GEMOK2 sume..
How's ur life going babe?
Truthfully, I see a life when I meet you..
Khai, the stalker..
Auni, ofcourse the buncitt..
Pen, the monkey..
Me, the Tott..

I miss when we laughed together..
When the long silence was brake because of you..
the Stalker!
That video should not been deleted u know..
Should be saved in pendrive or external
but it's too dangerous..
our BIG secret ever

Me joined the monster's smack down..
I was lose at the end..
and gave up..

Miss our paradise..
KL number 2!

Miss our 2nd home..
McD Juru..
Slept in the car with Pen..

Our beach..
Pantai Bersih..
Teased the school couple
It was a shame!

Met Europe cyclists..
in the lovely morning..
I miss that freedom
Ahhhh :))
Glad to know all of u love to do the same things


Kairel Keflee said...

penang meyh?

lynamalina said...

aah lorh..

moonii.bee said...

ahah..ape buncit..slim plak..

i wnna see sunset on the flyover again..

miss u too dear.. =p

lynamalina said...

hahahahahhahahaha.. ingt lg kott dat video tym bdk tu pny bday.. kau watpe? hahahahahahahaha.. yg aku rakam tuh..

me too =)

moonii.bee said...

hahaha..bodos..ape ko bt cuti2 ni..

klu keje bg ak nafkah sket. =p

lynamalina said...

nothing much.. but it my holly doesnt bored.. yeahhh!! i likee..

i learn german u know.. wrote a love letter.. going to english class.. hang-out with peeps..

they are all about wasting money.. my money plus daddy's.. hee~

moonii.bee said...

wuu..great stuff.. there's no waste spending money on edu thing.. the love letter must b interestg..let me read em'..

cnt wait till u teach me german..


lynamalina said...

yep.. but it's too expensive.. if im not clever, i think my ddy will disappointed. haha..

that love letter is for timbalan pengarah sayang.. do u still want to read it? hahaha

it's awesome u know learn their language..

what's miroslav klose?


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