Monday, May 10, 2010

im home

Oke dah sampai kat tanah tumpah darah aku. And I want to rest and spend my days in the house. Maybe for a week. I dont know why I feel so exhausted duduk kat penang sane. I feel like I baru balik dari negare mane ntah yang jauh dari rumah dgn problem yang melambak. Padahal berperang dengan exam dan masalah keluarge kat sane. Yes, life is hectic oke. Kadang2 xde mase nak balas mcg org even contact my bestie.

Ya Allah, I hope I x salah pilih jalan. I feel suck untuk sakitkan hati orang but what about my feeling? my future? I have to choose either one. Sometimes, we cant always please ppl. The only trusted ppl is my family. And I dont want besties anymore. The present is enough. Friends is just friends.

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