Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Oh my Goshhh!!
How to calculate theodolite?? Please please help me! They are all depend on me. Because I am the one who came to class that day. Among them. Hot chick clique! But I don't have any confident to teach them tomorrow. Because because I forgot how to get final bearing.. They went searching for tender. Haishhh.. 

I was learnt from Encik Surveyor in ym okey. My ex-classmate 4sc1 in SMK Section 9. He learnt throughout his semesters. But it was hard to learnt in ym. And test is in this Wednesday. I tried so hard searching for other lecturer's note. But still stuck. I think I will not sleep enough throughout the week. Saturday, Basic CE Quantities.

I think I have to score a lot of marks in final. I want to back home to learn live with Encik Surveyor. For sake of Dean List! Don't think nonsense okey. We must help each other. 

Encik Google can't help me too. Encik Surveying and Levelling too! 

I will ignore all of my homework because of the test. Gosh. Let's continue study. Just proceed to another topic. Bye.

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