Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 01

A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.
  1. People who don't know me always say that I am "sombong". But the truth is, I am not. I am friendly, talkative sometimes, funning, maybe.
  2. If I want that thing, I will get it no matter what. But, if it's fated not mine. Why chase?
  3. I do love bake than cook.
  4. I love to travel, hike and adventurous activities. I hope I can do rock climbing one day and travel around the world :)
  5.  I am only girl in my siblings. I love being one and only. Don't have to compare who's the most beautiful. HAHA.
  6. I have same size as my mom. So, all of her clothes is mine :p
  7. I was not taking coffee anymore to stay up during my final exam weeks.
  8. I love kids. But when comes to my niece, I will bully her. Because she's so "sombong".
  9. I love a person who always motivate me. That's make me inspired. Like my daddy, my brother and my aunty.
  10. I love guys with stripe shirt. Hehe~
  11. I always have heart-to-heart conversation with my brother in his car. He always makes me thinks maturely.
  12.  I love matured guy even he is younger than me rather than a guy who older than me but not matured.
  13. Alaa I got a lot of nicknames too :P amal, amy, lyna, ena, na, alina and emel.
  14. I am "ganas" but I think I am soft-hearted. Guys always think I am "ganas" because I talk harshly with them. Am I suppose to talk "gedik-gedik-manje-manje" with them?
  15. I cannot see parents or folks sick or fall or something-that-hurt-them. I will cry for them because I will imagine if he or she is my parent. Nothing can hurt my parent!! Including you! HAHA
Ni kakak yang tangkap. Nak study pon ssh! HAHA

ps : Ade orang memakse2 saya menulis ini. Kalau nak tgk rule dia dekat sini 30days challenges

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