Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 02

The meaning behind your Blog name.

Everybody knows right what's the meaning of daddy lil girl ? I am one and only girl in his children. And his beloved. I can't do that I can't do this. He's so overprotected me ! Sometimes I feel like better I die. HAHAHA. I always get everything I wanted. My brothers always jealous with me until now because I am his beloved. Who doesn't love thing or people that one and only right ? He always dream to have a girl instead of that 3 boys. And when it came to the last one, miracle happened. I was delivered. 

I really love him as much as I love my lover. Maybe more than loving my lover (if happen) He always wanted the best from me. From all what he has given to me, why I need to hurt him ? He's the one and only too ! I will do the best to see a smile from him. A smile make me happy. Happy ever after. (Never Says Die bebeh !!)

And I am very glad to have this family even sometimes there are some shortage in our family. Better be this way, not too rich yet happy.

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