Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 08

Short term goals for this month and why.

Salam Muharam all, 
Why goals for this month ? Alaa, today is Awal Muharam. Why don't they ask me goals for this new year ? Hehe.. Okay, follow the rule.

  • My result will appear soon. So, I hope I will get dean back. Huuuu~ I am so afraid. But, please cross finger for me. InsyaAllah Amalina will get back dean. Amin.
  • I wanted to buy and read NST everyday. I don't want to read it on internet.
  • I wanted to wake up earlier everyday. Earlier than today. Ishhh !
  • Gain some weight. Eat eat and eat.
  • Go for night class, don't want to be lazy. I will not lazy anymore coz many engineers not engineers-to-be in that class. It's engineer! I love talk to them. We shared same hobbies.
  • Buy some tudung in Jalan Tar with few of my friends. Don't have money T.T
  • Speaking English to everyone including my granny. Hik hik.
  • Wanted to see daddy. I miss him. Wuu~ I was dream about him just now. Daddy daddy !


nadiyah said...

let's go shoping at jalan tar..!
i loikkeeee!

lynalike said...

jum3.. where do u live dear?? i'll ask mira, qila n atin!! do u want to join us??

Anonymous said...

amal jom3... ble nie???
tye qla, xtau ble??? set tyme plz...
miss u all so much!!! *wink*

Anonymous said...

cik nadiyah: mai la turun KL.... :)

lynalike said...

dunno. after daddy's coming back.. :)

nadiyah said...

hehe..baru bace komen..ngee


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