Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 18

Plans/dreams/goals you have.

I wanted to change myself to be someone positive. Anything happened I will accept pleasely. No comment, just accept as a test from God. I wanted to behave nice to everyone. What they do to me, I can forgive them. And another important thing don't be proud of myself. I am nothing compare to Allah. I am not rich, I am not clever and I am not nice. Allah is the one who has everything. Please pray for my ukhrawi goals.

For duniawi, I wanted to do my last semester very organize and very work hard. No laziness anymore. After done my diploma, I wanted to major on Highway or Structure or Pure in my degree. I wanted to start over and make sure I'll not fail. And I wanted to enjoy my life as an adult and a young ladies. Do everything I want, go everywhere I want. Grab more experience. Go to classes that I like to have. 

After I satisfy with everything, I will marry with someone. I hope he like me and I like him too. The most important is we can accept each other in and out. And work as an engineer, maybe. Or any other work that offered me. Then, I'll do master part-time. Lastly, I will be a lecturer and get many cute children. Hope we will be soleh and solehah. 

I know, this is my day dream. Whatever. Just look and see me. It's fate from Allah.

These are in general. Not specific. Secret lah weh !


rauna said...

hope u get many cute kids hahahaha

lynalike said...

thanks. I have to find a guy as cute as me ASAP. HAHA


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