Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 19

Nicknames you have; why do you have them?

Emel - Shikin gave this name to me. I was second intake student during my boarding school. They said my name is too long. So, they thought of other name. First impression about 4 Science 6 was they are so cheerful. They were welcoming me. And I was a part of them - cheerful as them. Teehee~ I miss them. Okay, back to that nicky. Shikin had senior-next-to-her-room named Amalina and her nicky is Emel. So, they decided to called me Emel. And that time I was Emel Junior. I had met her once and she knew that we have the same name :)

Amal - My Diploma friends used to call me. Because I want to change my nick name. Don't like Emel earlier in my diploma studies. And maybe I want to change to new Amalina. Amal has meaning behind this name. Unfortunately, there are still many of my friends called me Emel because I have so many ex-school mate there (in Penang). The people who are not my ex-school mate who called me Emel are those who related to my friends. Friends do related right ? Slowly, I learn to accept Emel. Don't mind of that nick.

Ena and Na - My mom relatives called me these names. Maybe too long.

Lyna - My neighbors called me Kakak Lina.

Mina - My step brothers called me Kakak Mina. They want to call me Kakak Amalina, apparently. But, it's sound like Kak Mina. Short and easy to call.

Alina - Atman called me this name. Atman, my friend in nyner. We were so closed in 4 Science 1. Migration from Manchester if not mistaken. New nyner that time. After that, we are lost contact.

Amy - I can't remember my friend's name who used to call me this name. He was my Myspace friend. Old time story.


Anonymous said...

akak nk pggl alina plak leh x??? hehehe.... ;)

lynalike said...

hahahaha. panggil lah :)

cik miera said...

alina.....u sihat?hihi

lynalike said...

sihat.. ayg sihat x? hahahahahaha (nganjing ko alek.. yes !!)

nadiyah said...

ouh..cik minah..

lynalike said...

mina nan minah len laa cik nad uii. mrh lah nie. hahaha

Anonymous said...

mane jawe ketot..x tulis pon..haha

lynalike said...

oh, nak tulis laa anonymous yg bg?? sebab dy pon jawe ketot ulu belitong. lalala~


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