Saturday, December 18, 2010

my proposal

I have ideas of selling ladies accessories. And I did a proposal for you to accept my ideas. Don't afraid people will copy us. It's a healthy competition. I think we can do from very simplest thing to difficult one with our own creativity. Pay attention to Mira, Kila, Nyah and Kakak for the next semester subject. Think out of the box. Rather than selling ourselves. Just sell something profitable :P

My theme is Handmade Accessories from recycle and buy-from-shops. The combination of two.

First of all, I want to share an idea of buy a simple hair clips and buy any creative things to patch it to the hair clips. Just a small budget. A handgun glue, something-cute and nothing-on-it-hair-clips. Something like this :

Nice right ? And simple ? Let's do it ? But we have to discuss with our lecturer first whether it can be accepted or not. If not, we think of something else. Food ? It is too common especially business on waffle. 

Second thing is headband. Guys, can u stitch ? Anyone ? If anyone has that ability we can stitch different headband. I got the idea from watching Gossip Girls. Blair Waldolf wore it during her secondary school. See these :
Isn't it cute ? Adorable, girls.

Moreover, we can do our hand sewing handbags or bags. Just use recycled clothes, thread, needles, scissors and a little bit skills of sewing with smile. 

Another here : expressthe easiest.

But about the idea of handbag seems like difficult to us. It is because of timing. We have to study too. And another civil project to do. Or maybe we can just buy instant bag and sew something cute on it. 

We can advertise our product in blogs and flyers. Our subject is life-related right ? So, we pretend to be real. I think something like that. What do you think ?

I think only last semester they did entrepreneurship contest. There is no such contest during our time. Maybe. UiTM wanted to see our work only right ? If not mistaken. I never interview too depth on this course with Fatin. Just wait and see. And think of something else ? 

Oh, one last thing. We have to find a shop with thousand cute thingy and cheaper. Penang is not our hometown, remember ! So, we have to work very hard.

ps : I choose these for my ideas because the target is women. Women do love shopping. And they spend a lot on shopping. And plus if we sell something cute. So, profitable right ?


cik miera said...

approved...haha...kene gtau dorg..comel siot...

lynalike said...

hahaha. one approved. any other? kalau jadi woi. kalo mls mmg x laa kan. hahaha

qila said...

ok approved gak..tapi nak bli kat ne??

Anonymous said...

wow.. perfect! i loike...!!
cute la alina... suke3... haha

lynalike said...

kila : tu laa aku ckp. kalo dekat umah aku ade kedai jahit. kene crk kedai jahit laa. x pon kedai my one shop yg kat sec18 tu..

kakak : hahahahaha. malu laa panggil alina. superb kan ? harap dpt laa wat 5 org satu group.


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