Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 20

Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future.

When I read this question, I think of someone. You too have a crush right ? Hehe. But, I don't know and not sure about this. FYI, I have no boyfie. Like some other friends have. But, I have darla in my day dream. Hik hik hik.


Would you marry me ? Do you think what I am thinking ? Why taking so long to rescue me oh my Prince Charming ? (nada gatai.. awww :P)

Your Sweetheart.

No need to worry guys. Allah has already decided for you, your prince charming. If God says he is your prince charming, then treat him nicely and be a responsible wifey. If God says no he's not yours, then accept it as a fate pleasely. Human's love is temporary. Allah's love is the only permanent one. But, do pray to God to give you the best man, InsyaAllah.

ps : to remind me too ;)


Anonymous said...


lynalike said...

apew yg terharu nye?? terase kamu ea darla sy? hahahaha. kamu mmg suke perasan pon :P

Anonymous said...

sape ckp saye persan darla..saye terharu je bace cerita awak nie..haha..

lynalike said...

dah knp plak nak terharu?


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