Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 26

What you think about your friends?

I am very thankful to God to give me temporary things in my life to make my life more meaningful which is my friends. Too many things I have learnt from various behavior of my friends. Positive as well as negative. Thing that I like in some friends is honest. I love a person who be honest to me. In every relationship we need to have 3 things; honest, trust and errr I can't remember another one. Any idea ? These are apply to friend, family as well as special relationship. I don't like to be fake in relation.

I like my friend who honest to me about my behavior. If they don't like the way I treated them or maybe something bad I did. Just give me an advice, a slow talk advice. Sometimes people cannot notice their bad behavior. Yes, good friend also enemy. Not to say we have to fight with our friends. Means that enemy always tells our weakness right ? So, please advise me in proper way. 

And I really like friends who harsh-person. Not to say they are tomboy or what. I mean they are not "control ayu". Because that's the way we know each other. Why do we need to cover with our own friends ? Come on laa. Not just to friends. Oh, I get very suitable term for this; BE YOURSELF. I don't mind to say, "bengong" "sengal" whatever-that-may-hurt-people-who-don't-know-us. Because we didn't mean those words. It's just... I don't know.

I like my latest friends. They are too honest. Sometimes we might been hurt. But, re-think. We were just made a joke. It's for our own sake. That friends are. Our behavior suit among us. So, there's no gap between us :D But when time comes for serious matter such as one person was sad, we will console and be serious. And I hope our friendship will last forever and no conflicts between us. Fingers crossed!

These is some of my friends :
my latest friends

khai, auni, zaty

my ex-roomies in boarding school

fatin aqila, nyner 4 science 1

ex-nyners, zaman mude mude :P

my ex-housie except the front purple

the most precious moment of my life :)

very busy body friends. the most pengorek rahsie. sigh.

together we strive for our fullest life ;)

ps : sorry, I am not a good friend who always stick to one friend forever. more friends more merrier.

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