Thursday, February 17, 2011

site visit kali ke bape pon aku tatau

What is civil engineering ? People may relate civil engineering with building but there are wrong. You are wrong. Nak tahu, search arr. Malas nak gtaw.

These are some of our exciting site visit, construction of girls' hostel at the back of UiTM. Same as hostel which I am staying now. Watch and learn guys !

Companies who involve in this project
  See, what's inside your wall
 They used aluminium instead of formwork for 
barrier when they pour concrete
Where's your shower comes from
 the white one is your electricity supply
 This is how they transfer steel reinforcement to the next level
Inside lif
Pintu lif
Instrument to see whether the floor is flat equally or not
The patch some water proofing inside your wash room
Equipment to test concrete strength
Ape ntah name. Lupe..

That's all from me. Alah, common pulak. But I never go to site with permission and see by myself and learn something. We climb until 10th level. And we enjoy our site visit. The engineers are very friendly and helpful. Ade engineer nsem, wakaka. Pastu ade pulak kakak2 praktikal cam x nak tolong kitaorang 1st time datang. Jeles kot. Nak blaja kot, bukan nak ngorat engineer2 tu. Pfft.
Live life to the fullest :D Take care.


Ryusaki said...

2uh nmenye batch plant..

lynalike said...

yeke yayang.. okay.. ingt dalam pale..


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