Tuesday, May 17, 2011

many thanks

Many thanks to all of my friends and family who be my backbone of my decision..

I want to tell you a bit of my experience interview with Schlumbeger. Do you know what Schlumbeger is? Actually, I didn't know what is Schlumbeger before this. Until my lecturer asked us to apply for the job. I sent my resume to the Schlumbeger booth and the next day there was tests. They got 3 stage. First stage, a test; calculation of electrical and mechanical, logical, english test. Second stage, group dynamic; build safety boat for people using cards. Third stage, face to face interview.

Earlier, I just wanted to feel the experience of interview. But after many of my friends gave me support and said just go and do the best. The thing became more serious. And I said to myself, "it is hard to get this job and you are the chosen.. why you have to lose it?" And I am the only Civil Engineering student who seriously applied for the job. Another one is my friend who just accompany me. 

Yeah, oil and gas has nothing to do with Civil but according to my brother we study for any works not just our course. In add, all engineering have relation to each other. The fact is just 10% of your study will be used in your work later on. 

Last interview was at the Head Quarters in Kuala Lumpur. I waited for the Operation Manager for hours until all of my ideas lose. And I think my interview was bad but I just kept it by myself until today because I don't like to express something negative in my career. It will give my mind a negative effect all of my life. I wanted to be positive one.

And the result is also bad. Unsuccessfully. But recently, I have thought that I wanted to study. I asked many of my friends and family. Am I have to work? I think I want to continue my study.. But my brother asked my to work because he wanted to work there and wanted me to offer him that job. 

Actually, I have asked my daddy about this matter. He said that, "is there any girl work in the plant.. are you okay with that? don't you cry?" Okay, what's mean by that? That's mean he 50-50. He always wanted me to a girl means do girl things only. For my aunties viewed, I am a girl should work near and do not go far away from family. Okay, this view I don't like because I am a person who like to travel and stay far away from home.

But, you know what? I am stubborn girl who always follow my heart only.

What I wanted earlier is reached, feel the experience. And my dilemma is answered. Allah wanted my to continue my study. And I wanted to work for a few months. Live life to the fullest :D

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