Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today, I have an adventure day with boys, Faizal and Rafiq.

First time in these two days, 
my brother didn't call me when I am out. 
Am I free right now because I am 21 and finish my diploma already ?

You know what ?
I was looking at my hand phone frequently.
Checking whether he called me ?

That's not the point I want to tell here.
I want to share with you all the agenda occur between us.

Suppose to be, my dear Aqilah joined us.
But, she canceled last minute because her mom is sick.
So, I was with two friends without mission and vision.
Just to release our tension.
Okay, no tension.

Just wanna spend our time together.
Our time in diploma not enough I guess ? 
Actually, to cheer up Rafiq maybe ?
Chill chill.

First destination : Plaza Alam Sentral
Purpose : Send Faizal's desktop to repair
And I got my charger laptop just at RM60 only rather than RM100+
Tingg *show off my teeth showing that IT'S WORTH!*

Second destination : One Utama, Damansara
Purpose : Watch movie - Thor but no earlier time to watch. 
I have to go back before night! Proceed!

Third destination : Ikea
Purpose : Eat meatballs.
Ahh, sangat tamakkk. Ni sume sebab Faizal order banyak banyak. 
Tapi sedap, seriously delicious. I wanted to go there with you 
but I have no transport :(

Fourth destination : Senile Leisure
Purpose : Watch Thor. 4.20 PM.
Superb! I was betting with Rafiq about that movie because I thought I was boring.
Do you know Thor is one of the fairy tale ? 
Cartoon when we was child ?
I didn't recognize because I always watched girly cartoon only. Hehe

Lastly, went back home. 
Traffic jam but my brother didn't even called.
Am I grown up enough ? 
But I have to prove to them for next week agenda!

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