Tuesday, June 7, 2011

cun !

Love is everything. Everyone deserves to love and to be loved. I cried when I watched this movie. HAHA. Because even you don't have much money to buy everything but you still have love. Actually, my dream is to be married with Kampung Boy like Remy Ishak in this video. I really wanna live in kampung. It's a little bit different from living in town. We are rich with love. But kampung people will always feel that I am not OK living in kampung. I have kampung too okey ? But my kampung is not like Kampung Mate Ayer. Hambar because no one live there and a little bit different. I have a very top priority in my life to be searched that is love. I am a person who is into family. I enjoyed spending my time with family. I love family gathering. I feel like I am surrounding with love. I like rewang rewang rather than order food from catering. Because this is the only chance for my relatives to gather. But I know, our family is not this type of family. We are different because we live in a town. One day, I wanna have a family, a very happy family. I have hubby who love me a lot. Heee. I have cute children. AMIN. It's not day dream but it's my dream. My beautiful dream. Plus having loving-in-law-family. And it's not that I am gatai but it's my true dream. Till we meet again. Live life to the fullest :D

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