Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Since my mom passed away, ucu, my aunty ( my dad's youngest sister ) and my granny stay with us. A few years back before I was born, these two person stayed and babysitter my elder brothers. Last 16th June was her birthday. Happy belated birthday! 

What I have notice recently, she had scarified so many things to us. In term of time, money and energy. The most thing I notice is I always said, " rase nak makan ini laa.. itu laa.. " Suddenly even not so soon, she bought or made it for me. Tehee ~

Every weekend, they will go to kampung to find some money as farmers and sell vegetable for our own sake. Money to live. But sometimes when I wake up from sleep and find out that they want to go to kampung, I feel lonely and said, " xpayah laa balik "

That's how I need them.

Maybe she can replace my mom's position even it is not the same right ? 

Family first. Live life to the fullest :D

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