Tuesday, June 21, 2011

civil engineer

Last few weeks, I had chat with my neighbor. He studied Electrical Engineering. Fine. I said to him I went to Schlumbeger last interview session. But, he didn't believe it. You know why ? Because he said that, " civil boleh buat ape jek ? " 

Hello, we are part of engineer. We learn what Mechanical learn. Mechanical doesn't learn what we learn. We just don't learn about machine. But the concept of the machine we still got it. Understand ? Ops, we still learn about air-cond. How air-cond circulates, what are their components. We still learn the Electrical part. Civil = board. They just don't know what we learn, just forgive them.

Yes, I admit that Civil is boringg. Because maybe I learn it too board. And I don't like the management part. I got C for it. Grrr, thanks C for ruined my GPA. Actually, I have thinking of changing course to Mechanical. But, it is too late. Because the application was closed already. And soon, the result will come out. Mid-July. And I was thinking of Transportation Engineer. Have you heard about Transportation Engineer ? If you are not Civil, you will say " Haa ? " I don't have any idea why I choose to be a part of Transport Engineer. Maybe it is different from what people said that civil is about building. Hell no !! And maybe I can major on Coastal Engineer or Marine Engineer. But I don't like subject, Basic Fluid Mechanic, Hydraulics and Water and Waste Water Engineering. All about water. Have to like them if you wanna be Coastal Engineer. Hmmm, thinking about future..

And another info to tell from my neighbor. He is Mechanical Engineer in Proton if not mistaken. He adviced me," ambek jek kos ape ape pon. xkesah lah civil engineering ke mechanical engineering. keje pon camtuh. dapat keje ape pon ambek jek. x semestinye same dengan kos kite. 10% dari ape kite belajar jek masuk dalam keje kite yang lain gune logik jek " See 10% only. My Electrical-Engineer-neighbor didn't believe that that uncle advised me. It's up to you whether you want to believe or not. He is an experienced person.

Well, that a little about Civil. If you want to search more you can click here, civil engineering. Thanks for reading. Good luck future-civil-engineers ;) All the best ! Live life to the fullest :D


Cik Miera said...

well.. i never heard bout transport eng. btw..hihi

lynalike said...

aik?? are u civil engineer or not?? hahahaha. transport eng = highway eng if i not mistaken.. btw, cam jalan ketapi tu under transport eng laa kan.. xkan highway eng kott

Cik Miera said...

owh.. ok.. lupa2.. kah3.. first tyme i heard transport engn..ekeke

lynalike said...

cube2 laa bukak civil portal tu.. bagus taw.. hee :))


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