Sunday, July 17, 2011


Sejak akhir akhir ni aku rase aku ni teror jugak ek jadik counselor. Sebab berjaye buat dorang ubah pikiran. Ke pakar psychology? Which one better? Hehe. 

I do admit that I am not a good person nor a motivate person. But this is how I motivate my own self. Tapi bila masalah datang kat ceq, menangis satu baldi naa. But at the same time, when someone coming to me and said about his/her problem. Suddenly, all my problem go away and tend to advice them. Meanwhile, I realize and soothe with my own word. And start thinking..

But when they tell me about their problem but don't listen and give me to advice. Then, I'll ignore them. And don't know what to do.

Thanks to Allah because meet me with them. Cause my problem solved in this way. Live life to the fullest :D

he used to call "si ketot" :)

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