Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This is only my opinion. And I give this to someone who are down right now. I know and I really understand. Why Allah give us a test?

haha.. aku tawu.. kalo aku ka tmpt ko pon kan? ujian kan tandenye Allah syg kte? dy nak kte dkt nan dy. Ini lah masenye kita nak dekat diri dengan Allah. Manusia kan mudah lupe. Bile dia dah terhantuk, baru lah nak ingat Allah. Macam bile kita sakit, mesti kita ingat Allah kan? Hehe. Time ni lah kita dekat dengan Allah. Time ni lah doa kite panjang panjang. Sebab tu Allah ciptakan ujian dalam hidup kita supaya kita dekat dengan Nya.. so, shud be bersyukor kan? insyaAllah kau boleh. trust Him :)

And maybe he wanted to see whether we are strong enough to face difficulty before he give us rainbow (what we want) Rezeki x datang bergolek kan? And we will become more appreciate what we got and always remember Him and not to be arrogant in this world. To me, the beauty of success comes from how difficult we get it.

But if you try and try and try over and over again but you still don't get it. It's mean that he planned something more beautiful than what you wanted. InsyaAllah, just pray for the best. Allah is the most powerful. Rely on Him. And one more thing, be patient. Live life to the fullest :D

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