Thursday, August 26, 2010


I got good results for my highway and structure tests =) Thanks God, ILY.. But I still can't smile proudly when thinking about my hydraulics quiz. OMG! Confirm failed. Because I can't manage to remember the formula. Just only k = fL/3.03d^5. kan? SEE! Now I can remember. This is what we called learn from mistakes.. Hehe.. But I can't go back to Mondays and re-quiz. Just wait and see the big F in front of my paper. Thanks Puan Amalina but don't tell people I got F ya. I hope my hydraulics test as good as the two tests. Amin~

ps : diam taw Mira, Nyah, Akak kalo bace blog nie.. Shhhh.. Teruk teruk..


ryusaki said...

kt blog la kte cte2..

lynamalina said...

hahahaha.. diam2.. jgn cter pape kat klas..


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