Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I love this smell. Smell of spirit. I love to get back my hard working. Even though my hobby ; sleeping spirit still here with me. I love to live away from home. Am I weirdo ? Yes, I am. I love to decide everything for myself. Going everywhere I want and do what ever I want. 

Even, there is no nenek to prepare our food. Even, there is no washing machine for my clothes. Even, there is no free things-to-use. Even, there is no television to watch. Even, there is no fast internet services. But, I am still happy to live alone without being pampered by my own family.

All fate that I gone through is making me more matured. I really know who I am. Without thinking deeper enough, life is unfair. But, let me create my own path. Let me create my-own-things-demand by my effort. All I need is strength from you ya Allah. 

Life is beautiful without betray, without being unfaithful, without not-sincere and without dishonesty. And I am trying to be someone who are not classified as that group. With my all time favourite's principle ; what's goes around comes around. I will feel regret if I did it. History can't change.

I really don't want to go back home when I finish my diploma. I wanted to go far away from home. Knowing that something will happen there. I don't want to make my heart broken anymore. Two things will happen. I wanted to work and learn. Maybe Pahang ? My niece's house. Please let me go. I don't want to know nothing about you. No. Haish. I am too future-thinker, am I ?

All I have learnt here, pampered, luxurious are trashes. They are destroying , not creating.

Okay, whatever. All I wanted is to be focus and love all the subjects. Do all my best. And creates my future, my next future, degree. Make it reality. With my own effort. 

Thanks to you. I'll remember all your effort. I always have to face you with redha. Cross finger for me. Till then. Live life to the fullest :D



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